What Books Should An IAS Aspirant Read?

Image Showing The Collection of Books For IAS Aspirants.

List Of Books To Be Read By IAS Aspirants

People who are aspiring to become IAS, IPS and IFS officers aim to clear the UPSC exams first. It is not easy to crack the UPSC examination as the syllabus is vast. Students who are appearing for UPSC examination should prepare in the right way so that they can crack the exam in the first attempt. They must refer to various books for clearing the UPSC examination. Popular IAS coaching centres like Chinmaya IAS academy can guide students to choose the right reference books for preparing for IAS exams. Students appearing for UPSC exams must refer to the NCERT textbooks and some specific non-fiction books. The following lists some of the non-fiction books to be read by IAS aspirants without fail

Must Read Non-fictional Books Of IAS Aspirants

Check Out – Here about the non-fiction books for IAS aspirants. The following books would help IAS aspirants to prepare for various subjects like history, politics, freedom struggle, general knowledge etc.

India After Gandhi: This book written by Ramachandra Guha is a popular book that should be referred by IAS aspirants. You would get to know about the various political happenings after Independence. The book gives a clear picture of the developments that took place in India after independence. You would gain a clear understanding of the crucial events of modern India. It is a lengthy book and contains quite several chapters. Thus it is not possible to read it at a stretch. You can try reading each chapter every week. Students must make sure that they remember the things that they learn in the book. You can even take notes of important events, personalities and happenings so that you can refer them later.

An Image That Showing The Collection of Books For IAS Aspirants.

Indian Polity: This political book by Laxmikanth is a must-read book of students preparing for IAS exams. IAS aspirants find it difficult to clear the polity subject of the UPSC exam. Reading Indian polity by Laximikanth can help to understand Indian politics in a better way. You would require three weeks to complete this book. You would know about the essential points related to Indian politics. This book would be a useful resource for the initial preparation of IAS examination. Students must read this book in detail. You have to read the book three times for a deeper understanding of Indian politics.

Indian Economy: This is a comprehensive book on Indian Economics written by Ramesh Singh. You would get a clear idea about the basic concepts and terms involved in the economy. You have to complete reading this book at the earliest. This would make it easy to read other related books on economics. Ramesh Sing has provided the skeleton notes for the entire book in the table of the content section. This skeleton notes can be downloaded in poster format.

Introduction to Indian Constitution: This book written by DD Basu covers modern history, polity and economy of India in a detailed manner. You would gain an in-depth knowledge of the subjects mentioned above when you read this book written by DD Basu. You would get to know about the formation of the Indian constitution. Make sure that you perform a detailed reading of this book for a crystal clear understanding about Indian constitution.

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India’s Struggle For Independence: In this book, Bipan Chandra gives a clear picture of the various happenings of the freedom struggle. You should be able to remember the critical events and the reason behind all the events. You should study about the bills passed, provisions, important dates related to freedom struggle from this book. You can remember the event when you read them decade by decade. You must also bring out connections between different events that took place before independence.

Tips To Improve Your Reading Skills

When preparing for UPSC exams you have to read a lot of books to cover the vast syllabus. Reading should be a continuous practice which would help to crack the UPSC exams. Proper reading skills would help IAS aspirants to obtain a deeper understanding of various subjects. The following are some of the tactics that would help IAS aspirant to excel their reading skills.

  • You must join in a library or a book club to get into the habit of the reading.
  • You must set a definite target to complete a book within a specified time limit.
  • You must be a regular reader of newspaper, magazine etc. when preparing for UPSC exams
  • Note making is critical when reading books for preparing for IAS exams.

The above are some of the must-read books for preparing for UPSC examinations.

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